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Meet Helmut

Helmut is a place where art, culture, education and politics find space in a variety of forms. As a non-profit, we are non-commercial and are dependent on all kinds of support from our members, as well as other committed people, to raise funds to cover running costs and our continued survival.

We oppose and will not tolerate ideologies of inequality. We stand against sexism, homophobia, racism, nationalism, antisemitism, etc.

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Do you have a zest for action and want to support Helmut? Whether you can do a shift at our bar or want to become a member of our association, we need you. We'd be very happy to have whatever you have to give!

Simply visit us at our next plenum, talk to us at one of our events or just leave us an email.

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Kohlektiv e.V.
Kohlgartenstraße 51
04315 Leipzig