About us

Who we are

Helmut is a non-profit founded to give space to cultural and/or political projects. The location is open to everyone, provided they don’t discriminate against others through language or action.

Independantly run, members can use the space freely. Several times a month members meet to review and approve or deny requests. Non members are welcome to come pitch projects, share ideas or just get a closer look at what we do. Helmut is open for new members who want to help shape the project. Each member participates according to their abilty to contribute.

Helmut is financed by donations from our supporters, as well as membership fees. This allows it to work outside the constrictions of making a profit.

What we offer

Our cafe/bar area comfortably seats approximately 30 people. The eccletic mix of high ceilings, shabby chic, wooden bar and benches makes for a cozy atmosphere. This is contrasted by the white cube atmosphere of the gallery space. Don’t be fooled. It still has enough architectural personality to keep it from being sterile. Off the gallery is Leipzig’s first space toilet with an ocean view. Typically music is performed in the cafe/bar area. That keeps the upstairs neighbors happy. The gallery area can be adapted for various projects and is home to our art program. At this point Helmut has no equipment of note. Behind the bar we have a fixed stereo system complete with single turn table, cassette deck and headphone jack to hook up your device. We have no internet. If you are interested in planning an event, you would have to bring the required PA, projector, decks, microphones, etc. Want to book an event? Let us know and we will bring it to our meeting. If Helmut members are in consensus, we will provide you the room. It’s that simple!

We would love to hear from you.