Tuesday, 29.09.2020


In a world he could never have imagined, poet Abdulsalam Tarshahani writes from his heart. His poems inspire us to look humanity in the face and give it the respect it deserves.

His poem I AM HUMAN shows how the human spirit can “rise like a phoenix.”

Last spring Helmut was happy to be a location for the making of a video of this poem. Many of our members appear because we want a world where people of all backgrounds can come together in harmony.

Now we are pleased to be the location for the premiere of the video and hope you will come and experience the poetry of Abdusalam yourself.

The film will be accompanied by an original dance piece by Janne Steinhardt inspired and woven with one of Abdulsalam’s love poems.

The poet

Abdulsalam Tarshahani grew up in Syria. His Palestinian heritage colored his experiences there. This understanding of cultures and how they interact gives his work a rare multi-layered insight.

The filmmaker

Ja Son Joel, who works for a logistic company, is a hobby indie film maker who started off working on social video projects. He finds filmmaking a strong artistic medium to communicate a social message and has just started on his journey to create a positive impact on society.

The dancer

Janne Steinhardt is a dancer and performer based in Leipzig. Searching for space the German-Polish young woman tries to settle the hype of freedom through the eyes of a lover in her growing identy of a movable person. Her working body also holds the name JanneStorno.

The film I AM HUMAN was initiated by the Lepizig Glocal.