Louise Bauer

29.09.2023 - 20.10.2023

(De) morgen, gleiche zeit, gleicher ort

Sure it’s possible to see life linearly. But lines are often broken. And it is in these breaks where you find the blemishes. There you find coincidence. You find form. You find shadowy objects and shapes hidden behind the lines, and sometimes within the lines themselves. Therefore disruptions are never defined. Disruption is never separate from its background. Structure and chaos combine to create a whole. Without disruption to it, there is no way to distinguish structure. Louise Bauer’s work is a balancing act between compulsion and spontaneity. The exhibition’ tomorrow, same time, same place’ shows the resulsts of a carefully routined working rhythm: In her works she levels the space between structure and dynamics. She examines the effect of repetition and meticulousness and explores the boundaries between drawing and painting.